Insurance FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about manufactured home insurance. Please call or email us if you have any additional questions. Please also visit our YouTube channel to learn more about First Credit.

Q: How do I get an insurance quote for a manufactured home, mobile home or travel trailer from First Credit?

A: You can simply go to our secure online manufactured home insurance quote page and submit the information. We will then email you a quote or if you prefer, we can call you by telephone. You can also call us at (518) 725-5000 and we can quote you over the phone.

Q: What states does First Credit write mobile home or manufactured home insurance in?

A: In all of the following states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin. If your manufactured home is not in one of the states listed above, then we cannot write coverage.

Q: What advantages will I receive by getting my insurance through First Credit Corporation?

A: We are licensed professional insurance agents who specialize in writing insurance for mobile homes, manufactured homes and travel trailers. We are independent agents and represent several highly-rated companies. The insurance companies we use also specialize in manufactured housing. They understand the unique aspects of manufactured housing which can be invaluable in the event of a loss.

Q: How do I know how much to insure my mobile home or manufactured home?

A: The amount of insurance can depend on what type of coverage is written on the home. Generally, manufactured homes that are fifteen model years old or newer are eligible for replacement cost coverage. If replacement cost coverage is chosen, then the manufactured home must be insured for 100% of the cost to replace the manufactured home with a new home of like kind and quality. The very minimum replacement costs for single section manufactured homes should be $30,000 and multi-section manufactured homes should start at $45,000.

Contact us and we can help determine what the replacement cost on your home should be. If your home is insured for actual cash value then the amount of insurance should be equal to the cost of replacing the manufactured home with one of the same age, like kind, quality and condition.

Q: In the event of a total loss to my manufactured home, how will the insurance company pay me for my home?

A: Most of our policies are written with a Stated Value Endorsement or an Agreed Loss Provision. This means the in the event of a total loss to the manufactured home the company will pay the amount of insurance, less any deductible. This will apply whether or not there is replacement cost or actual cash value on the home.

Q: Can I insure my home for more than what I paid for it?

A: Yes, usually you can. A First Credit licensed agent can help you with your valuation selection. Unfortunately, most manufactured homes in the United States are underinsured.

Q: What about Flood Coverage, Earthquake, Tornado and Hurricane?

A: Unlike most conventional homeowners’ policies, most of our policies contain Natural Disaster Coverage which includes coverage for perils such as flood, earthquake and wind (including hurricane and tornado).

Q: What is the oldest mobile home that you will insure?

A: We can insure almost any year mobile home provided it is in good condition.

Q: Rates of Insurance seem to keep going up, is there a way to lock in the premium?

A: Rates are going up on all homeowners insurance policies. We represent two manufactured home insurance companies who are willing to lock in your premium for as long as seven years. Call us for a detailed explanation to take advantage of this great opportunity.